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BMG Labtech FLUOstar Omega Microplate Reader

  • Has a built-in injector for automated sample processing
  • quickly obtain accurate results with even the most complex biological samples.
  • capable of measuring luminescence, fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), fluorescence polarization (FP)

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FLUOstar Omega represents the best performance and flexibility combination for all your life science and R&D applications. Employing our unique Tandem Technology provides the perfect platform for a wide range of applications in basic research, life science studies, and assay development.

The FLUOstar Omega is a multi-mode reader with options for up to six detection modes. It utilizes an ultra-fast UV/Vis spectrometer or filters for absorbance and susceptible filters for all other detection modes. Different methods include fluorescence intensity (including FRET), Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), Time-Resolved FRET (TR-FRET), and luminescence (including BRET).
The unit will fulfill the high sensitivity and precision assay needs of academic and pharmaceutical research laboratories with abilities that include a collection of fast, full-spectrum absorbance scans, monitoring of rapid kinetic reactions, and performance of FRET and BRET detection.

FLUOstar Omega Features

  • Top and bottom plate reading and well scanning with up to 900 data points per well
  • Multi-fluorophor detection and total absorbance spectra
  • Allows high-speed absorbance measurements
  • Measurements can be made in up to 384-well plates
  • Low-volume measurements
  • User-defined shaking
  • Incubation up to 45°C or 65°C
  • High-precision injectors with concurrent injection and detection of reagents
  • Well-scanning with up to 900 data points for each well

Microplate reader technologies

Gas Vent

Fig. 1: BMG LABTECH readers with gas vents can be connected with external tubing to pump an inert gas into the incubation room or to pull a vacuum.


Through BMG LABTECH’s Gas Vent, the internal atmosphere of the microplate reader can be modified. It allows you to pump an inert gas (such as CO2 or N2) into the reader or pull a vacuum into the plate reader. Used for assays that detect samples sensitive to atmospheric gases, the Gas Vent is ideal for studying fungal and microbial growth that may be sensitive to oxygen levels in the atmosphere.

You can create specific environmental conditions by combining them with temperature control and shaking settings.

A quick-connect system allows for easy change of gas supplies to the instrument.


UV/vis spectrometer

Fig. 1: The UV/vis spectrometer captures a sample’s entire UV/vis spectrum in less than one second instead of detecting individual wavelengths sequentially.

BMG LABTECH was the first plate reader manufacturer to incorporate a UV/vis spectrometer for absorbance detection into multi-mode instruments.

The spectrometer incorporates a highly-efficient optical grating and a solid-state array detector that allows the measurement of light intensity throughout the UV and visible parts of the spectrum. Similar to a monochromator but much faster, the spectrometer captures a sample’s entire UV/vis spectrum within one second per well, with no mechanical scanning needed. Moreover, it provides better sensitivity and resolution.

No longer worry about setting or tuning different wavelengths for your absorbance assays. The spectrometer will capture full-absorbance data at a resolution of 1 nm for all wavelengths from 220 to 1000 nm in less than one second per well. Alternatively, up to eight discrete wavelengths can be collected simultaneously.

The spectrometer permits absorbance experiments that were previously not possible. Due to the ultra-fast speed of spectral capture, time-course experiments can be monitored for wavelength shifts with 0.2-second resolution. Absorbance shifts can be observed in real-time as an assay goes to completion. The spectrometer technology allows users to focus on developing assays and expanding capabilities without worrying about running instrumentation.

BMG LABTECH is the only microplate reader company in the world offering spectrometer technology in a multi-detection microplate reader.



  • Installation and training BMG Labtech for FLUOstar OMEGA or POLARstar OMEGA includes installation and 1-day training for up to 4 users.
  • Control unit BMG Labtech for O2/CO2, microprocessor-controlled gas vent (Omega only). *back to base upgrade add £925 engineering charge
  • LVis Plate BMG Labtech 1 with QC, cuvette port and 16 position microdrop. *Not compatible with OMEGA Lite
  • LVis Plate BMG Labtech 2 with QC, cuvette port and 16 position microdrop. *Not compatible with OMEGA Lite
  • It is supplied with Windows™ based control software and MARS data reduction software.
  • Certifications: The FLUOstar® Omega is certified by Promega for the Dual-Luciferase Reporter (DLReady™) gene assay, approved by Cisbio Bioassays for their HTRF® assay platform, and has LanthaScreen™ certified plus status.



Technical Specification

Detection Modes

Fluorescence Intensity
Luminescence (flash and glow)
Time-Resolved Fluorescence - including TR-FRET
UV/Vis Absorbance Spectra

Measurement Modes

Top and bottom reading
Endpoint and kinetic measurements
Sequential Multi Excitation measurements
Sequential Multi Emission measurements
Spectral scanning (absorbance)
Ratiometric measurements
Well scanning

Microplate Formats

6 to 384-well plates, user-definable LVis Plate with 16 low volume microspots (2 μL)

Microplate Carrier

Robot compatible

Light Sources

High energy xenon flash lamp


Low noise photomultiplier tube CCD spectrometer

Wavelength Selection

Optical Filters: Ex and Em wheels for 8 filters each UV/Vis Absorbance Spectrometer: Full spectra or 8 distinct wavelengths in < 1 sec / well

Optical Filters

Excitation and emission filter wheels for 8 filters each

Optical Path Guides

Top: Liquid filled light guides Bottom: Fiber optics

Spectral Range

Filters 240 - 750 nm or 240 - 900 nm for FI, FP, TRF 240 - 750 nm for LUM
Spectrometer 220 - 1000 nm for ABS


FI < 0.2 fmol/well Sodium Fluorescein
TRF < 30 amol/well Europium
High-End TRF for Omega < 3 amol/well Europium
LUM < 20 amol/well ATP
AlphaScreen® with flash lamp < 5 pM (< 100 amol/well P-Tyr-100, 384sv, 20 μL)
ABS with Spectrometer Full spectrum captured in < 1 s/well Selectable spectral resolution: 1, 2, 5, and 10 nm OD range: 0 to 4 OD Accuracy: < 1% at 2 OD Precision: < 0.5% at 1 OD and < 0.8% at 2 OD

Read Times

Flying mode (1 flash) 9 s (96), 16 s (384)

Reagent Injection

Up to 2 built-in reagent injectors Injection at measurement position (6 to 384-well) Individual injection volumes for each well (3 to 500 µL) Variable injection speed up to 420 µL / s Up to four injection events per well Reagent back flushing


Linear, orbital, and double-orbital with user-definable time and speed

Purge Gas Vent

System to inject an atmosphere or to pull a vacuum into the reader


+4 °C above ambient up to 45 °C or 65 °C The upper heating plate of the incubation chamber operates at 0.5 °C more than the lower plate. This prevents condensation build-up on the lid or sealer.


Multi-user Reader Control and MARS Data Analysis Software included FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant


Width: 44 cm, depth: 48 cm, height: 30 cm; weight: 28 kg

Optional Accessories

LVis Plate

Sample Capacity: Sixteen separate microdrop wells for 2 µL samples; One standard cuvette position for up to 1 mL samples. Quality Control Internal Standards (optional): Four NIST traceable optical density filters (approximate values of 0.1, 0.3, 0.6 and 1.0 OD); One holmium oxide filter for wavelength accuracy Dimensions: Conforms to SBS standards for microplates.

Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU)

Oxygen Regulation: 1 - 19% using nitrogen to purge. Carbon Dioxide Regulation: 0 - 20% using 100% moisture free carbon dioxide to purge. Dimensions (ACU only): Width: 44 cm, height: 17 cm and depth: 19 cm; Weight: 5 kg


Magazines for up to 50 plates - continuous loading feature


Microplate Incubator and Shaker

Optical Filters

Excitation and emission filter wheels for 8 filters each


LOD = 3 x SD (20 blanks) / slope (6 pt std curve) AlphaScreen® P-Tyr-100 assay kit, PerkinElmer, #6760620C Microplates: white for LUM, AlphaScreen®, TRF; black for FI, FP; clear for ABS 96 = 96-well microplates 384sv = 384-well small volume microplates 384g = 384-well glass bottom microplates


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BMG Labtech FLUOstar Omega Microplate Reader

Original price was: $19,678.00.Current price is: $13,678.00.
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  • Has a built-in injector for automated sample processing
  • quickly obtain accurate results with even the most complex biological samples.
  • capable of measuring luminescence, fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence (TRF), fluorescence polarization (FP)

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