At Paracor Medical, we have more than 50 supplier relationships to support all laboratory needs.


Need help? +65 202 1112
Need help? +65 202 1112


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Credit Card

We accept four major credit cards: Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. We have to have the ability to verify your credit card, so the billing address you provide should match the address.

Wire Transfer

If you would like to pay via a Wire Transfer, we will have the ability to process your order immediately. Please pay all bank fees individually. If your bank or an intermediary bank deducts your fees, we won’t be able to send your order until we receive the order amount. There is Free Shipping when using this method.

Is there a Down payment invoice payment method?

A down payment or deposit is generally a partial amount of a total of a sale covered by the client upfront before the goods or services are supplied.

A deposit ought to be reflected on an invoice. A proforma or a quotation can’t replace the invoice indicating that the deposit is expected and has already been compensated.

Example: The total fee for your goods is $500. We collect a deposit of $100 to start, and the balance of $400 will be collected when we complete delivering your products.


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