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Need help? +65 202 1112
Need help? +65 202 1112

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Is there any warranty on products?

Paracor Medical offers a 90-day guarantee on all instruments. If you purchase a device that does not meet your expectations or has a manufacturer defect, return it to Paracor Medical with your dealer invoice, and we will exchange it or give you a full refund. Products must be returned with the invoice within 60 days of the date listed on the invoice for exchange or refund.

Paracor Medical also provides a limited warranty against defects in materials and quality, provided the limitations listed below are not present. After 60 days from the invoice date, Paracor Medical will, at its discretion, assess instruments with which you have an issue and determine whether to replace the tool based on that assessment. An invoice must be returned with the instruments for Paracor Medical to evaluate replacement instruments.

Paracor Medical instruments have an expected lifetime. Paracor Medical scalers and curettes hold their edge longer due to the hardness of the steel and will last longer than most tools when maintained and sharpened correctly.  Our handles are made of a durable, high-temperature resin that withstands the demands of a busy office. All Paracor Medical products must be cleaned and sterilized according to guidelines.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Nope, you do not want to have an account to place an order with Paracor Medical. You can store, add items to the cart, and check out. When you place your order, you may offer an email address for order confirmations so that you can monitor your order.

An account is pretty handy. You’ll be able to see your order history and wish lists you’ve created, and they will be saved for future buys. An account can be made before you start shopping by clicking the” make my account” button (picture below), before checking out and placing your order, and immediately after your order is placed.

Who should I contact if I have any queries?

“If you have any questions or concerns about the lab equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us at the contact us page.  Our Customer Service usually responds in 5-15 minutes. “

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