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Centrifugal Evaporators are rotary evaporators that use centrifugal force to speed up the sample evaporation process.

Centrifugal evaporators are often used when more than one sample evaporation is required, as they have control panels that easily modify processing for specific requirements.

Centrifugal evaporators work by spinning the sample at high speed in a centrifuge, which causes the solvent to be drawn out of the sample and into the surrounding atmosphere. Centrifugal evaporators are essential in many pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology industries.

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Buchi R-300 Rotavapor System

Original price was: $19,999.00.Current price is: $14,999.00.
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  • Digital touchscreen display with intuitive operation ensures smooth operation and exceptional accuracy.
  • optimized evaporation parameters such as bath temperature, rotation speed, and evaporation parameters
  • designed with safety in mind, featuring a variety of safety measures, including built-in sensors that detect overheating
Original price was: $19,999.00.Current price is: $14,999.00.
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